The closing attorney in NC takes care of the coordination of all the payoffs and loans, prepares the settlement statement, conduct the title search, and record the deed. The buyer selects the closing attorney and they represent the buyer during the transaction. The seller can elect to use the same attorney to prepare the deed, or they can use their own attorney.

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Home inspections are not required in North Carolina, but it is highly recommended that the buyer conduct an inspection during the due diligence period to ensure that they actually want to complete the transaction, as home purchase contracts in NC are as-is. Also, it is common for a buyer to renegotiate the contract upon discovery of issues with the home.  The home inspector can also coordinate a wood-destroying insect inspection and a radon test, which are recommended and the buyer can elect to have performed.

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You should really have homeowner's insurance to protect your new home and your personal possessions. If you have a mortgage, your lender will typically require that you have insurance on the structure at a minimum. You may want to have your insurance person check your auto policies at the same time to see if you can save money by insuring them all with the same insurer.

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A home warranty can be purchased and paid for at closing. This is something that is sometimes a negotiable. The buyer can select and the seller can pay for a home warranty up to a negotiated dollar amount. Alternatively the buyer may decide to purchase a home warranty themselves. Home warranties can help mitigate the risk associated with issues that may arise after the home has been purchased.

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If the home you are purchasing has a well or septic system, it is highly recommended that you have these systems inspected during the due diligence period to ensure they are functioning correctly and are properly permitted. Well water tests vary in both level of detail and expense, so buyers should determine what they would like to test for an have that test ordered as soon as possible as they often must be sent to a lab. 

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